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Need to Know

Maintenance Requests

Not sure who to call?

Service Requests

To request maintenance or repairs please log into the Tenant Portal for the fastest response. If you are unable to access the portal please submit a request using the maintenance form. Portal submission are prioritized.

We submit requests to contractors in the order received. Severity is also considered. Contractors are expected to respond in a timely manner that is normal and customary in the trade. Call or email your property manager at 757-496-1986 if you have not heard from a repair vendor within a reasonable amount of time.


Refer to the list below to determine what constitutes an emergency. If you have an emergency follow these instructions.

Step One: Call 911 for fires.

Step Two: Your utility company must be notified immediately if the emergency involves water, sewer or gas services. Numbers Found Here. Please do this before contacting the Property Shoppe.

Step Three: Report your emergency to the Property Shoppe by calling 757-496-1986. For after hours and holiday emergency requests your call will be handled by our answering service who will contact your property manager.

Qualified emergencies:
  • No heat when temperature is below 40 degrees
  • Frozen Pipes  What to do if your pipes are frozen ( PDF )
  • No electricity (be sure breakers have not tripped). Outages confirmed by utility does not constitute an emergency.
  • Toilet not working in unit that only has one toilet
  • Sewage backup (call immediately)
  • Inside flooding
  • Broken water line (shut off water at cutoff if possible, then call)
  • Anything that will cause damage if left unattended until the next business day
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