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Single Family Recently Renovated Victorian Home 1


Beautiful designed 3 bedroom apartment in downtown, San Francisco. Cozy for up to 2-4 people with 3 king sized beds.

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Efficient Air Conditioner. All rooms have a super efficient air conditioner unit that reduces the electricity bill by 50% on summer and 70% on winter. The thermostat can be regulated individually or all the thermostat at the same time.

Solar Panels. The house also includes a brand new Solar Panel System, that provides the 35% of the electricity required for the house operation.

Surveillance System. 6 HD video surveillance cameras monitors all the perimeter of the house. You can check any situation at all times using your Mobile, Tablet or Pc.

Other recently new additions includes new marble floors, a brand new hot tub, insulation of the roof and a new garage door.

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Carolyn Copeland

joined the staff at The Property Shoppe to provide on-site office assistance to the accounting department and to the property managers with their lease renewals and applications for tenancy.  Carolyn is a licensed real estate agent in Virginia  and has been a resident of Virginia Beach for many years.  Virginia is her native state and she has lived for short periods of time in Naples, Italy and Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Her favorite past time is spending time with her four Grandsons.

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